매운소리 알갱이 (a spicy grain of sound)

an experimental sound installation

매운 = spicy

소리 = sound

알갱이 = grain

매운소리 알갱이 is a 64-channel sound installation.

Each channel is made of a 고추장 (korean red pepper paste) metal box drived by transduction by a simple oscillator-amp electronic circuit.

A lot of korean food is made with this red pepper paste so those boxes are really easy to find while sauntering.

And that's also why the sound is so spicy!

64 boxes are distributed in 4 walls of 4x4 boxes delimiting a sound space in which the audience take place.

The whole system is then MIDI controlled and allows triggering notes and changing frequency of each channel individually.

This work was also a nice opportunity to collaborate with Oliver Griem who made the visual counterpart of the sound.

Simple graphics are projected on boxes in synesthesia with sound, shape and colour changing in real-time

according to the mood and to the humor of the man.